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Ultrafiltration system, UF Ultrafiltration Plant process Manufacturer, Exporter in Mumbai, India

Ultrafiltration is a separation technique than uses membranes of pore size of .01 to .001 microns. The method is used for removing impurities of high molecular weight. It can remove organic and inorganic polymeric molecules ad colloidal material. However, it is ineffective in removing low molecular weight ions or molecules, e.g. Calcium, sulphate, Sodium and Magnesium Chloride. In this filtration method, the osmotic pressure difference is negligible across the surface if the membrane because the filtration is done for high molecular weight particles. Hence, you don't need to apply high pressures to achieve high flux rates.

Flux rate is nothing but the amount of permeate products that pass through the per unit area of membrane in a unit time. It is referred in GFD. When we supply tested and inspected ultrafiltration plant to you, it is tested under stringent quality parameters and tough testing conditions. Therefore, you never get an inferior quality product that fails to meet your expectations. Rather, we serve beyond your satisfaction levels. Each of the team members is committed resolving customer queries and problems.


Aqua Mech is an ISO certified company and when it comes to meeting the requirements of the clients successfully, we have been doing it for a while now. We provide best quality ultra-filtration plants to our clients, which work on the principle of pressure driven membrane based separation process. Our products are popular because they can be easily operated, have greater strength, uses less power and are beyond excellence in performance.


  • Module type system assists for quick installation.
  • Effective separation system.
  • Energy efficient plant.
  • High quality of treated water.
  • Low fouling condition & long-life membrane.
  • Manual/ PLC based control panel.
  • Optimum membrane cleaning period.
  • Equipped with advance controlling & monitoring system.
  • Approved Allied Equipments.

Advantages of UF

Improved product quality

  • Product SDI typically less than 1
  • Removal of virus, and bacteria
  • Removal of microbiological matter
  • Removal of colloidal matter
  • Colloidal Silica Reduction
  • Improvement of downstream Reverse Osmosis (RO) performance
  • Consistently treated water quality irrespective of changes in feed water quality

Applications of Ultrafiltration

  • Pre-treatment to RO system
  • Purification of surface and well water for portable applications
  • Filtration of industrial water
  • Membrane Bio-Reactor
  • Wastewater recycle and reuse